Why do we offer telemedicine psychotherapy sessions?

We had practiced in a traditional office for over 30 years until March of 2020.  At that time the pandemic had started and many types of services went into virtual mode.  We were intially hesitant about this format, concerned that it might be less personal somehow.  It actually went better than expected.  Most people adapted well to the new format. Our existing clients felt that virtual therapy was as effective as in-person and we were able to establish and build the same level of therapeutic rapport with new clients.

As time went by and things started to open up we found that most clients preferred the virtual format over in-person for convenience reasons.  People liked being able to log in from home, at the office, or while running errands.  Driving to the physical office is not necessary.  Because the video format was so popular, we eventually closed our physical office and now offer telemedicine services only. 

How do telemedicine psychotherapy sessions work?

Once you have made an appointment with your doctor you will receive a link to the telemedicine site.  You can use a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer with a webcam.  At the time of your appointment you just click on the link.  You will be in a virtual “waiting room” for a few moments until your doctor starts the session.  It is really quite easy.  You don’t have to be very tech savvy.  If you have ever clicked on a link you are ready for telemedicine!

Can I log in from any location?

Yes, virtually any location.  If there are two or more people, each party can log in from a different location and participate in the session.  It is good to have a strong wifi signal if you are either in your home or office.  You can also log in with your phone over cellular; just make sure that you are in a location where you have a strong cellular signal.  Many people will have a session in their car while stepping outside of their workplace for a little while.