Psychoeducational Testing

Psychoeducational testing of academic abilities focuses on factors that involve the learning process.  The first step is the administration of a standardized test of achievement that is individually administered.  This test will focus on the broad academic areas of written language, math, and reading.  The testee’s performance is then compared to a large normative sample of individuals either their same age or same academic level.

Another part of the test battery usually involves an IQ test.  The IQ measure gives a good indication of the individual’s intellectual abilities independent of what they have learned in school.  Any significant differences between measured IQ and measured academic achievement can indicate a learning disability.

Based on clinical history, other measures may be included in the battery.  These can include measures of language processing abilities, attention abilities, or emotional factors that may affect learning.

The evaluation includes a testing report that is provided to the school along with recommendations for modifications based on the test data.